March 9, 2010



I know I dreamed a lot more than I can remember, because I kept having to wake up for one reason or another and go back to sleep. But I sort of remember my last dream.

I was in my kitchen with my sister and she was getting very frustrated. I was trying to figure out what was wrong, and she said something about not being able to find anymore tea. I was like "there's gotta be some, I had two whole boxes of Red Rose Tea and a small box of chamomile!" and my brother was sitting my the computer desk mumbling about something like maybe I drank it all.

So I moved her over to look for myself while she stood there holding a couple tea bags in her hand looking grumbly while I took a gander. So I handed her the box of Red Rose Tea and she was saying something like she didn't want Red Rose Tea, and I told her "thats the same kind Marsha used to use with the little figurines in them". (Marsha used to baby sit us when we were little, and in the end got fired for cutting all our hair off like boys.) Then she seemed to accept that it was ok to drink.

Silly I know, but thats what I remember from it. If I remember my other dreams later, I'll let you know. Sometimes it takes a while or something from my day will trigger the memory of it.

Green Blessings,

Amistis Reudan



Those who know me, know that I dream all the time. My dreams are so realistic and life-like that I usually do not realize that I'm not awake, and to my theory, that is why I am always so tired.

My dreams are rarely peaceful, usually having to do with fixing some complex issue or running for my life for various reasons.

I tried writing them down, but I get writers cramp from all the details I remember.

So I decided to try typing out some of my dreams to see if I notice any patterns or just to document my dreams journeys to see if there are any messages from the divine.

I also have two other blogs on here, one is my regular blog, and the other is for monthly meditations. Now I am launching my newest one, my dream journal! Feel free to follow any that you choose to!

Green Blessings!

Amistis Reudan