Recap of Recent Dreams

It is very hard for me to get dream out in writing...its not that I do not remember them, for I remember them quite well with a lot of detail, they just don't always make sense or follow any logical order, kind of like channel surfing. And it's hard to take the time to write them all out or type them due to writers/typers cramp. That's the curse of remembering them in such detail...

So here are some recent dreams I had, not going into a ton of detail due to the above reasons...

One Dream had to do with two people on either side of me with needles (like druggies use) except they were hooked up to what looked like an IV but instead of having fluid in it, there was pixie stick powder like substances in it. The one person had grape flavored the other had cherry. I tried to turn them down when they offered, told them I don't do drugs and that I don't like needles, and they totally ignored it, jabbed both needles into me, one in each arm.

Then I started to panic because I didn't know what was just put into me, and I knew it would leave bruises that I would have to explain later, and knew others would know. Next it changed to a class reunion where ppl were talking, then I saw my old elementary art teacher Mr. Thompson. I said "Hey everyone remember Mr. Thompson? I haven't seen him in YEARS!" but the others around me kept saying his name was something different (can't remember now, started with a 'k'). I knew they were wrong and was determined to show them that I wasn't wrong, so I was trying to call/text my sister to have her take a picture of the yearbook she had of elementary with his school photo and name, to prove I was right. But of course, as usual, in my dreams my phone never functions properly.

So I just gave in and let it go.

I had another dream about living in a colony, end of the world type thing, which i blame on the TV because it keeps showing previews for a show where they do mock E.O.T.W. disasters and see how ppl cope and survive.

I don't remember much about it expect that I didn't trust them very well, and of all things, I was scared of being attacked by hostile other groups.

I had another dream I think started out with the Twilight characters lol, but somehow I seemed to have to keep away from this big shadow creature, and some of the ppl were like zombies but they had a symbol/item on their chest marking that they were zombie like ones, so when i was around them I had to try blending in so they wouldnt kill me, and I knew if i saw them, that the shadow thing was close behind.

I can't remember anymore right now, but they were pretty crazy and intense as usual. Its so hard to wake up from them because they feel so real its hard to tell if im awake or not. And yesterday I woke up with a headache/ neckache i think from sleeping weird and from numerous stressful dreams. They are just like being awake, I have all my senses, I can feel, see, hear, smell, and taste things, its crazy. Maybe this is a form of astral travel?


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